Last Friday kicked of the start of a five-workshop design-thinking programme I am running here at the 20.20 offices.The aim of these workshops is to get together, have fun and to create something that we are proud of at the end of it all. 

20.20 has a long history with Camden, it has been our home, inspiration and friend for 25 years now, so it only felt natural that our first challenge was to create something for Camden that will solve a social problem.

The five workshops have been designed to explore the theory and practice of design thinking through learning by doing and playing. Each workshop covers one aspect of the design thinking process starting with Discovering and Defining our problem, then towards Co-creating our ideas and finally Play and Build our prototype. There is an additional two workshops that aim to add to the overall learning process. 

Design thinking has always been an exciting process to me, its agile, human and fun. Design thinking to me is a mindset. 


It allows us all to be confident in our creative abilities and be designers, it allows us to be novices when we tackle problems and to look at problems as opportunities and finally it allows us to get out of our comfort zones to experience something new.

 Ultimately it is the belief that we are all capable of producing new and better things for people; and that is something i wanted to share with the rest of the company.

I will be posting our workshop progress on here as they happen if you want to follow our journey