Every design process starts with a specific and intentional problem to solve: The Design Challenge.A design challenge should be approachable, understandable and accessible. 

To create my design challenges i used some tips from IDEO: The key to a good design challenge:

  1. Keep it simple and optimistic
  2. Write a brief as if you were handing it to someone else to design
  3. Capture thoughts on why it is a problem
  4. Show the opportunity for design

Below are the two design challenges i created: Make it socially unacceptable to drop litter (keepbritaintidy) and Show tourists the 'other' camden

The other camden_2.jpg

The first task i asked everyone to do was to go outside and LOOK at what was happening, ASK people questions and most importantly TRY out the problem; become the problem.

The next post will show you what happened in our very first workshop where we discovered and defined our design challenges