Abracademy - Bespoke Workshop Design

I was approached by a wonderful Magic School called Abracademy to design three bespoke workshops for corporates and businesses that uncover the magic behind magic.

Abracademy is on a mission to bring magic to the 21st century and make it more inclusive, dynamic and real. I worked alongside their Director of Spells to design three new workshops all based on the principles and philosophy of magic. It has been a wonderful experience in delving deep and behind what makes magic magical and translating that into three wonderful workshops on Team Development, Presentation and Communication and Creativity and Innovation.

Each workshop is formed using the science behind magic, knowledge of group dynamics and latest in creativity and blended to create a framework for self discovery and experiential learning. The workshops are designed to unlock the potential of people and groups in the workplace as we believe that magic has a way of breaking down barriers and opening minds up to new possibilities.

To design a completely new and bespoke workshop series has been a great experience. My workshop design uses the fundamentals in experience based methodology to not only have a workshop that delivers an outcome but one that has participants leave feeling energised, listened too and like they can take on any challenge. 

I will now be facilitating the workshops alongside my Magician friends - If you'd like to find out more please get in touch.