Omnifi - Customer Journey Workshop with B&Q

Omnifi, a Retail Technology start-up hired me to design and facilitate a workshop for their client B&Q. The workshop enabled them to collaborate and co-create a customer journey for their new digital in-store product as well future proof the concept to grow and learn with data, time and testing.

By understanding their needs of the workshop as well as the project as a whole I designed a bespoke workshop that ensured the workshop had a real purpose to it as well as clear desired outcomes that were met. I worked collaboratively with the team in order to ensure that everyone was on board with the plan, had a say in the process and were happy with their roles and responsibilities.

The workshop added elements of UX design, Vision building and Idea generation in order to achieve the outcomes. I facilitated the session on the day, by introducing a culture of play, experimentation and collaboration whilst keeping track of time, energy and needs of the group. 

The workshop was a great success leaving the clients feeling part of the team, aligned to the vision and with a better understanding of Omnifi's process and purpose.