Collaborating with the most wonderful Intersectional Feminism company Fearless Futures we worked together to create the first Gender Equality Accelerator in London and possibly the world! The Accelerator took a group of young people through a Human Centred Design process which had them solving some of the biggest world challenges we have when it comes to gender equality. A two week  programme was designed to help the young people learn about gender through an intersectional lens and through their own lived experience, activate their own learning by creating practical outputs solving real life challenges and to be part of a cohort of socially and politically minded peers to create positive change with.

We took the young people through a double diamond HCD process that had them go through four stages from Discovery to Delivery where they learnt to use empathy and active listening when running interviews with people affected by their problem, through to prototyping and testing their ideas on the communities in order to gain real time feedback for their ideas. By the end of the two weeks we had trust tents being built for domestic abuse, LGBTQ+ community led workshops for schools and a dream to have every person in the world have self worth! - What an amazing two weeks.

What made this the most eye-opening and transforming experience was the added layer of thought, reflection and understanding the young people experienced by firstly critically analysing their own power and privilege and how that creates bias in their design process, secondly using an intersectional lens when thinking about the people they are designing for and lastly taking apart their idea to make sure they were creating ideas that were breaking down the systems that uphold inequality and fuelling them.

We truly believe the process we created is a wonderful example of how to merge two worlds in order to create ideas that do create positive change, are socially responsible and have great impact. 

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