Taqqadam Programme - Spark+Mettle

I was hired by Spark+Mettle as a Freelance Facilitator to run their new programme in Qatar. Spark+Mettle are a wonderful charity working with young people to help develop their core strengths and soft skills to help them reach success in the future. They have started a pilot programme in the Middle East and North African countries called Taqqadam - To Move forward.

I was the Lead Facilitator for their Qatar programme, a real pleasure and achievement for me personally. I delivered two workshops along side some wonderful co-facilitators for 200 students at the start and end of their 8 week programme. The workshops equipped the young students with the mindset, soft skills and understanding of their own core strengths that make them super. Each workshop used experience based learning that allowed the students to have first hand experiences of the tools and frameworks we work with as well as working on a social innovation project. My facilitative style created a safe space for open discussion and experimentation to happen and allowed the students to really explore their own strengths, failures and purpose through the two days. 

The programme has been one of my highlights of my working career. To facilitate a workshop with a large group of students but still create one to one connections and see their growth was a huge pleasure to be a part of. Their humility, openess and joy gave me a great sense of hope for our future generations.

If you'd like to read more about the programme I wrote two blogs about it: