Sup De Pub - Design Thinking Programme

I was asked to lecture and design a new experience for French Masters students as part of the Brand Strategy course at Sup De Pub (Groupe Insecc London). Instead of speaking at the students I created a learning environment that supported students through a Design Thinking journey with a key focus on creating Customer Journeys. The course was split into four workshops that enabled me to take them through an exploration of the tools to creating a customer journeys but more importantly the mindset of design thinkers.

Using experience based learning methodology and tools I created a culture that encourages students to participate and play in order to create deeper understanding of the theoretical topics. By using my knowledge in group dynamics and behavioural psychology I created experiences that helped the students develop a mindset that encouraged life long learning, trial and error and optimism. My workshops use a blend of theory, playfulness and reflection that really enhances the learning outcomes of the course.

Through the programme we uncovered the secrets to successful teams, learnt how to use empathy and active listening during research and storytelling in customer journey creation. The programme was a real success and a personal success for me too. It is a real example of how new ways of learning can create greater understanding of the subject, the learners and their peers.

Some quotes from the students in their feedback forms :)