I use a variety of creative and strategic processes to guide groups along a journey to achieving their goals. Each process is uniquly designed dependent on the needs and desires of the group and uses elements of energy, humour and flexibility to get the best out of people.


To live with purpose is to live with intention. I guide groups towards finding their purpose by delving deep into the core of what the group as a whole wants to achieve. A purposeful session, group or person is one that has direction and accountability which transforms the way we work together.


Play, to me is one of the most important aspects of the creative process. In all my sessions I use something that I like to call learn by playing where we enjoy the journey of the creative experienceA journey that should be fun, full of laughter and trial and error; it should be playful.  

I recently got interviewed and featured in Disrupts magazine talking about what I do and why I do it - have a read!