I design and facilitate a number of workshops and programmes that supports trust, encourages play and enables a group to reach their collective potential. These vary from intimate group workshops, large talks and collaborative client sessions. I facilitate a variety of topics from leadership, creativity, team development and even the magic behind magic!

Design Thinking


As a lecturer and advocate of Design Thinking I help companies implement Human Centered Design into their processes, thinking and mindsets. You will learn new techniques to uncover insights that are not yet conscious for your customers or colleagues, learn how to co-create, prototype and test in order to create ideas that solve real problems.

Learning design


I design new learning experiences using a great understanding of group dynamics and behavioural psychology. The programmes help create a mindset that encourages life long learning through real world experiences and grounded through reflection and feedback. I have worked for a number of clients helping them create environments that supercharge individual and collective learning.

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